Tom Kuppens

Tom Kuppens

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I am assistant professor in teaching methodology of economics and postdoctoral research and teaching assistant in environmental economics at Hasselt University (UHasselt). I coordinate the Academic Teacher Education in Economics at UHasselt and I am the academic coordinator of the postgraduate program on Cleantech Management at the UHasselt School of Expert Education (SEE). I also have a small appointment as guest professor in energy economics at the University of Antwerp (UAntwerpen).

I graduated in 2004 as a business engineer and have a PhD in business economics since 2012. During my PhD I developed techno-economic models for thermochemical conversion (pyrolysis, gasification and combustion) of biomass from phytoremediation. After my PhD I extended my expertise to the construction of a methodological framework for societal techno-economic assessment of clean technologies in general and more specifically for biochar production and application.

Furthermore, I investigate how sustainability can and should be integrated within business economics education and what the impact is of increased participation in higher education on regional economic growth.