Tom Kuppens

Tom Kuppens

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I am assistant professor in environmental economics at UHasselt and economics teaching methodology at UHasselt and VUB.

In 2004, I graduated as a business engineer and in 2012 I obtained a PhD in business economics. During my PhD I developed techno-economic models for thermochemical conversion of biomass from phytoremediation.

I want to support economic actors who wish to realize the transition to a truly sustainable economy. Therefore, I construct a methodological framework for societal techno-economic assessment (TEA) of clean technologies. This method is a useful tool for businesses to investigate the financial viability and societal impact of sustainable technological innovations. Governments can use societal TEA to devise policy measures to support those innovations that are desirable from a societal perspective. I promote several PhDs on societal TEA, environmental and social life cycle analysis (LCA). For example, I take part in the BASTA project on biochar production and application funded by FWO .

I am the academic coordinator of the postgraduate program Biobased and Circular Economy at the UHasselt School of Expert Education (SEE). In this program, I coach business executives in developing a business case for circular, biobased technologies.

I am also fascinated by educational research on the integration of sustainability in economics education. Therefore, I coordinate several projects on competences for a biobased and circular economy. Also, I promote a PhD on transformational learning for sustainable development. I am an active member of the COPERNICUS Alliance i.e., the European Network on Higher Education for Sustainable Development.