Sebastien Lizin

Sebastien Lizin

011 26 86 96


Currently, I am an assistant professor (docent) at the Hasselt University’s research group of Environmental economics, which is embedded within the Centre for Environmental Sciences (CMK) and the business economics faculty (BEW). My research interests are: (1) non-market valuation and choice modelling in particular, (2) technology assessment, and (3) pro-environmental behavior. My teaching is on the verge of the relationship between technology management, business model innovation, and sustainability.

I am open for collaborations on research papers, project proposals, networking actions, and organizing conference sessions. I am happy to provide guest lectures on themes relating to my research and teaching interests.

Feel free to contact me.


An overview of the courses that I am currently teaching can be found here.

An overview of the projects that I am and have been working on can be found here.

The link to my Researchgate account can be found here.