The Environmental economics team at Hasselt University aims to inspire people, companies and governments to change towards sustainability. We do this with

  • our research, through integrated assessments of environmental economic choices to support decision makers and to reduce uncertainty
  • by education of students, scholars, policy makers and entrepreneurs
  • by cooperation in interdisciplinary projects with biologists, architects, engineers, sociologists, etc…
  • Ecological-economic research methods

Our research approach is always interdisciplinary, it integrates complexity and multiple interactions, combining quantitative and qualitative methods.

There are three main topics our group focuses on, and the papers and project pages show each time a link to one of these topics:

1. Ecosystem services:

Environmental  planning of urban green and protected areas
Managing human impact within physical limits
Engaging society and reaching end users for ecosystem management

2. Cleantech

Subsurface management, harmonising the multiple sustainable functionalities of the deep underground.
The development and emergence of a sustainable biobased economy
Policy analysis and advice to promote regional Sustainable Materials Management (SMM)

3. Agriculture and Climate change

Analysis of the micro level of farm adaptation
Regional analysis of farm adaptation or structural change in agriculture, following technological and climate change
Investigation of new opportunities for sustainable markets and sustainable agriculture