a PhD student presenting the new master at the master fair

Our new major: Harnessing the full potential of technological change

Each year Hasselt University organizes an information event to ease bachelor students’ choice for a master program. In September 2017, the cleantecheconomics team will stars with a  new major in Business engineering called “Technology in Business (TiB)”. Within this master specialization students will become familiar with cutting edge technologies that are about to have a major impact on society. They will be equipped with the knowledge to  translate technological innovations into successful businesses. Students will be able to understand and develop appropriate business models for both startups and multinational companies and to shape managerial and policy decisions to support technological innovations. As Environmental Economists we believe that all businesses need to thrive towards the transition to a green economy, and we will be equipping our students with the skills required for this transition (see for example a recent OECD publication).

The new master specialization will start in September 2017 and will be taught by Tom, Marieke, Dries, Nele, Sebastien and Robert. The cleantecheconomics team as a whole has gathered a wide experience in technology assessments and industrialization. And we are very enthusiastic to translate this knowledge into courses that will help students to understand, assess and shape the use of new technologies for sustainable business.


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