Educational professionalization

With all the posts about resarch, it is easily forgotten that one of the main tasks of any university is to shape young minds into independent and critical thinkers. Although some regret the trend towards an additional evaluation for academics, I am very glad to have taken and passed the starting track in educational professionalization and am proud to say that I am now a BKO certified course instructor.

The training has thought me a lot, yet I only want to share what was the biggest eye-opener to me. Teaching does not mean the teacher has to do it all. No longer is the classroom  a place where the teacher forces knowledge into passive students. There are different ways of teaching/learning out there. One of them is called constructivism. I dare you to look it up and not be enthusiastic about this concept. I tried it out, stepped out of my comfort zone, and … received nothing but good feedback and positive student evaluations.

Thank you UHasselt for offering this experience!


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