CCU sector scenario development workshop

Last week the group (Kim Vreys, Sophie Van Schoubroeck, Sarah Elshout, and myself), with the help of VITO-colleague Miet Van Dael, organized a scenario development workshop with 9 experts from various backgrounds (academia, RTO, industry, and government) to explore scenario’s that portray potential futures of the carbon capture and utilization (CCU) sector in Flanders and the Netherlands. It was challenging to organize, yet succesful as the group dynamics amongst the experts allowed for fruitful discussions and envisioning.

The workshop follows up on the results of a Delphi study previously executed by Kim Vreys in which the factors were identified, which according to international experts, will have substantial effects on the general future developments and commercialization of carbon capture and utilization (CCU) technologies. A two round online Delphi study with 15 international experts in the field of CCU enabled us to explore the main items within five impact categories, being: (1) benefits, (2) risks, (3) future developments, (4) demand and (5) supply constraints. The input from the Delphi was consequently used in the scenario development workshop to construct four future scenarios which represent how the CCU sector could look like.

At the moment, we are in the process of transcribing the audio records. Please check back with us in the future if you are interested in finding out our results. The findings will be picked up within the frame of the Interreg EnOp project (in which we are a partner) to ensure further dissemination and use of the recommendations for actors present in the development of the CCU sector.








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