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Sebastien Lizin

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I joined the Hasselt University’s environmental economics research group in 2010 after having completed masters in business engineering and environmental management and sanitation to work on the strategic technology assessment of organic photovoltaics (OPV) as funded by the Interreg ORGANEXT project. OPV were found to be a developing technology (patent analysis) with high market share potential given efficiency and lifetime improvements (choice experiments) and prospects of low environmental impacts (life cycle analysis).

After successfully defending my doctoral dissertation in 2014, I briefly worked for the sustainable materials policy center and performed research geared towards explaining households’ battery pack recycling intentions in collaboration with Bebat (the national producer responsibility organization for battery recycling) and Insites. At that time, I obtained an FWO-funded postdoctoral mandate for research on non-market valuation. Research stays abroad under the guidance of Prof. R. Brouwer (VU Amsterdam, the Netherlands) on spatial heterogeneity and benefits transfer and Prof. R. Scarpa (Durham University, the United Kingdom) on integrated choice and latent variables modelling allowed me to further fine-tune my non-market valuation skills. To unite and progress Flemish research on choice experiments, I helped initiate an FWO-funded scientific research community (WOG) containing all Belgian universities active in the field and 7 international expert research groups. As of 2017 I have (co-)authored 15 internationally peer-reviewed journal articles in the fields of energy, environment, and economics. My research interests are non-market valuation, pro-environmental behaviour, and technology assessment. Please contact me for joint research papers, project proposals, or joint events involving the topics above.

At the Hasselt University, I have been responsible for organizing the master-level course Sustainability Ananlysis for business engineers during the last 2 years and was a member of its teaching team the year before. Starting 2017 I will also be teaching Environmental Economics to Applied economists and Business Models to business engineers.

To increase my contribution to awareness raising on the need for a transition to a more sustainable society I have taken up the role of scientific advisor of the federal council on sustainable development (FRDO-CFDD). I am co-chairing the working group on innovative economic models, which aims to foster knowledge on the challenges and opportunities of the collaborative economy regarding sustainability and to provide advice to the federal government.

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